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6298 / Pedal Exerciser


The PCP 6298 Pedal Exerciser is designed especially for those with limited mobility, and who cannot use conventional exercise equipment. It is ideal for increasing strength and improving coordination and circulation An adjustable tension control allows a broad range of pedal resistance for a progressive exercise program.


Use For: recovery, post-injury, limited mobility issues, and daily living aids


  • For upper or lower body strengthening.
  • Can be used on a table top or the floor.
  • Adjustable resistance control.
  • Chrome steel frame, non-skid tips.
  • Straps keep feet in place while pedaling.
  • Compact, lightweight and very portable.
  • Four anti-slip rubber pads prevent sliding and protect surfaces.
  • Stores out of the way under a chair or bed.
  • Quick and easy assembly.